Become a Member

Formal Healthy Tri-County (HTC) membership requires submission of a commitment pledge by the most senior member (CEO, President, Executive Director, etc.) of interested organizations and institutions.

By submitting the HTC commitment pledge, organizations are making a commitment to work in partnership with other multi-sector institutions to improve health outcomes in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties under the umbrella of Healthy Tri-County.


I am interested in working with other organizations and institutions to improve health outcomes in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties under the umbrella of Healthy Tri-County. As a part of this alliance, I will commit to:

  1. Supporting the development and implementation of the 2018-2023 Tri-County Health Improvement Plan focused on improving the health and wellbeing of every person and community within the Tri-County;
  2. Taking an active role in guiding and supporting this regional health improvement plan within my organization/institution and across other organizations and sectors;
  3. Adopting the guiding principles and practices of the Collective Impact model for change as the platform for development and implementation of Healthy Tri-County;
  4. Accepting and supporting a common set of health improvement priorities and measurable goals as established by Healthy Tri-County;
  5. Ensuring that the collective improvement work under Healthy Tri-County is conducted through an equity lens with targeted actions and solutions for those communities and populations most at risk for poor health and wellbeing;
  6. Aligning specific population health improvement initiatives being conducted by my organization/institution with similar improvement work of other organizations within Healthy Tri-County;
  7. Making available appropriate staff and resources from my organization/ institution as feasible in support of improvement work of Healthy Tri-County;
  8. Supporting the pursuit of funding and other needed resources on behalf of the Healthy Tri-County as approved by the established leadership of this Alliance;
  9. Sharing aggregate, de-identified data as feasible in support of actively measuring and monitoring the collective goals and improvement targets of Healthy Tri-County;
  10. Allowing my name and that of my organization/institution to be included in any approved communications on behalf of Healthy Tri-County.

Use the form below to enter the name and contact information for your organization, as well as the appointed HTC Liaison who will represent your organization at scheduled meetings and keep you informed of the HTC goals, initiatives, events and accomplishments. The formal HTC commitment pledge will be sent for senior leader approval and signature within 5 business days of the receipt of the completed information form.

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