Tri-County Health Improvement Plan

Accomplishments report cover Tri-County Health Improvement Plan Accomplishments Report  highlights the work done so far in this five year plan, between 2019 and 2021. 










Health Improvement PlanOur Health, Our Future:Tri-County Health Improvement Plan 2018-2023 is the first comprehensive health improvement plan in our region that provides concrete recommendations and action steps for improving health outcomes that can be carried out by a wide range of local organizations, groups and individuals. More than 80 volunteers representing 60 organizations invested roughly 2,300 hours in the development of the Tri-County Health Improvement Plan (TCHIP). South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control served as the technical assistance provider for the development of the plan, and will support the implementation of many identified recommendations and action steps moving forward. Health care providers, nonprofit and service providers and local government organizations can find comprehensive information and technical action steps in the TCHIP.

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Community Action GuideOur Health, Our Future: Community Action Guide presents highlights of the more technical TCHIP, and will be helpful to individuals, civic and social groups as well as organizations that want to advocate, educate and lend support towards the execution of the TCHIP. 








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