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All categories are intended to align with the priorities under Clinical Preventive Services in Our Health, Our Future | Tri-County Health Improvement Plan 2018 - 2023.

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Cancer screenings/Awareness


BestChance ecco Hollings-Mt. Pleasant Hollings-Mobile Unit

Hollings-MUSC Roper SCTobacco Trident


diabetes prevention


Access DiabInit DiabSelf

LowSen MUSC Shifa


TriCounty Waring YMCA




SC DHEC - Public Health Clinics

Please call (855) 472-3432 or use Webchat before visiting these locations to make sure they offer the immunization services you need and to schedule your appointment.     


berk Dorchester


Free/sliding scale immunization clinics


barrier Dream-NC dream 

180 Shifa


Local pharmacies

These locations do not offer free vaccinations to individuals with Medicaid - only individuals with commercial insurance are eligible for coverage.




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