Symposium Speakers/Presenters

We are excited to announce that the opportunity to present at the upcoming Healthy Tri-County Symposium is now open! This year's symposium theme is "Together Towards Tomorrow: Paving the Way to Health Equity." We invite speakers to submit your proposals for presentations that align with our mission of promoting health equity and addressing critical health issues, especially those of Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston counties.


Let's work together towards a healthier tomorrow!

Attendees at Health Symposium stand in applause


We are looking for presentations in the following categories:

  • Mobile Health and Increasing Access
  • Health Literacy, Language Access, and Cultural Competency
  • Leveraging Multi-Sector Collaboration
  • Maternal and Infant Health
  • Nutrition and Physical Well-being
  • Preventative Care and Health Equity
  • Results Based Accountability
  • Social Determinants of Health


If you have innovative ideas, successful strategies, or research to share in these areas, we want to hear from you!


To submit your proposal, fill out our google form.